We have a new family member joined to Ryu's Courtyard!!


Her name is "Anne". She's 4 - 5 months old.

And she came injured...


She's raised by the neighbor across the road from just a week ago. She started to sneak in to play with Ryu, so we were pleased to have her around him.


She came everyday, but suddenly she stopped coming so we're worried if she's ok. We went acrooss the road to check on her and we found her injured babdly. The owner told us that she got caught by grass shaver by accident and he didn't seem to take her to the hospital. So we couldn't resist to leave her that way and we asked the owner to let us raise her.


We took her to the hospital straight away and she's got few stitches. Now she's recovering slowly but seems like she's feeling better.


We were so happy that she doesn't have to suffer anymore and Ryu's got a greatest partner for his life. Now we have only one problem, our name "Ryu's Courtyard"...

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