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English blog · 11日 7月 2018
Happy 2nd Birthday to Anne!! Our baby girl Anne turn 2 years old today! What a great day for us!! She is so healthy and strong, we are so happy that she is running around madly!! Go Anne!!

English blog · 28日 3月 2018
Our home page has renewed today!! We recreated by ourselves using Jimdo application so we can update our site when ever we want. It's awesome that we can do whatever we want without asking for the changes. A big thanx to my mate, Kenchan for the great support he did for us to create this site !! Thank you Kenchan so very much!!

English blog · 28日 1月 2018
Happy 2nd Birthday Ryu!!! Our baby boy is now 2 years old!! We are so happy that he is so much bigger and healthier ever. We love you Ryu! One more thing, we know that you are guarding this place, but we beg you, please stop barking to our guests or turn your voice down a little bit...

English blog · 13日 9月 2017
Typhoon!!! Hope, no one get heart... It is a real disaster. No electricity for the whole island, so not even a shop's open. Well, it is too dangerous to go outside anyway. At least we still have water running. What eh day for our guests. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it but pray...

English blog · 26日 4月 2017
Hello Summer!! Finally, the season has come!! We have been waiting waiting for this season for long time. It is so comfortable sleeping at our courtyard in sunshine with Ryu and Anne.

English blog · 24日 2月 2017
It has been a while since last update... But this year we are wishing to update more often. Rainy days are making Miyakojima quiet and cold. Taking away our enthusiasm and motivation. But when your imagination is flexible, you can suddenly hear the sound of rain hitting the leaves and feel like the trees & plants are having their feast. We almost forget that what happens to us everyday is not only to live and to work but we can also feel the nature and find the beauty in it. Lately, we are...

English blog · 27日 11月 2016

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